APECS offers quick, solid and clear vehicle dynamics services, including:

Suspension Development, Evaluation and Testing

  • Finding the optimum between safe limit handling and ride comfort.
  • Special driving characterisation of “Fun-to-Drive” DNA.
  • Advancement of tires, springs, dampers, ARB’s, bushings, bump-stops.
  • Detailed knowledge-level of damper systems and valves tuning.
  • KnC-based suspension elasto-kinematics development.
  • Suspension analyzing and tuning of all sorts of vehicles.
  • Subjective evaluation during all conditions according industry norms.
  • Licensed drivers for Nürburgring I-Pool, racetracks and proving grounds.
  • Build-up, planning and organization of complete test-teams. 

  Training, Seminars & Events

  • Driver assessment: Virtual and practical screening. 
  • Driver-training: Proving-grounds, Nürburgring I-Pool and racing tracks. 
  • Vehicle Dynamics seminars including know-how transfer at any location.
  • Event-organization e.g. product-launches and demonstrations

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